Thursday, July 28, 2011

I just wanna be "me"

There are so many things I would do if I didn't have to be "professional".

If I were allowed to express my inner "me-ness" (not to be confused with imagination...which I don't have) - I'd experiment with everything -my hair, my makeup, my clothing, jewelry...tattoos, etc.

I'd do a lot of things to my hair - I'd probably change it on a bi-weekly basis. One of my favorite hairstyles is the new tip-dying trend, as per Lauren Conrad (see above left). Now, I've already cleared this style with the powers-that-be as acceptable, but part of me feels like it may be pushing the envelope too far.

A significant part of me yearns to be freed from the norms of society - the punk/emo forever-high-schooler and overly-emotional adult-in-arrested-development girl inside screaming at the top of her lungs when I see Taking Back Sunday at the House of Blues. This girl would definitely Up the Punk! and have a haircut something like this -
This hair would probably be multicolored as well...or at least, I'd change the color all the time - just because I could. I love the femininity expressed by keeping the flowing and relatively long hair juxtaposed with the edginess of the shaved head. It's hot, beautiful, and downright cool.

I'd probably get more tattoos...I have three (only one is always visible). I'd love a beautiful 1/2 or 3/4 sleeve on one arm full of meaningful, delicate, colorful and feminine art. I love tattoos and I long for the day when they're no longer considered taboo. Perhaps one day I'll do a post on my three tattoos, but not today. This post is about what I want, not what I have.

But speaking of tattoos, the blog Sometimes Sweet does a Tattoo Tuesday post every week! and I'm a huge fan of Danielle's tattoos and creativity. Definitely worth the read!

As far as clothes - well, I don't really have a current style. I'm pretty minimalist as far accessories go - earrings, rings (maybe 1 or 2), pendant necklace. I love statement necklaces and cocktail rings, but every time I try to wear them I feel like I'm trying too I'm pretending to be something I'm not; or I feel like I'm 5-year-old-me again playing dress-up with grandma's jewelry (my grandma has some pretty awesome jewelry, to be honest).

I guess I'm not comfortable enough with who I am and what my "style" is to take bold steps and experiment with my wardrobe. I tend to stick to solid colors, simple dresses and whatever "in" things happen to fit into those confines at the moment. And I'm a huge fan of jeggings.

One day, maybe when I'm retired, I'll be able to experiment and EXPRESS [MY]SELF.

Let's be real here, though, for a moment...we all know I'd probably be a


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confessions on the Blogfloor

I seem to use this blog to confess to things I like, and to profess my undying love for sesame ginger everything. Add this post to that pile.

Lately I have been reading more blogs, partially looking for inspiration, or recipes but I have a major confession. I love mom bloggers. Yup. I'm owning it. It's different when it's that annoying girl from high school that constantly is posting about braydin's (uni-sex, special snowflake spelling) latest poop for the ten zillionth time, at least the ones I have been reading are.

I think a large reason I find it so fascinating is it's the polar opposite of my forever alone, in college still, can barely remember to feed myself life. However, when I was younger that is where I thought I would be at this point. Married with children, or at the least in a committed relationship, with kids. The kid thing was always the constant factor in the scenario. I have been dealing with health issues that could prevent me from biologically having children, and has caused me to further think about adoption.

I think the "funny" thing to me is that when I was younger (22) I had just left a volatile job as a live in nanny and swore up and down that I never wanted children. I think I have now realized that it's the situation I was in (living with a controlling asshole, and a drunk) that I never wanted to experience again. Reading these blogs is almost like a glimpse into the could have been/might be one day. All are real in the tribulations of day to day life, but the joy side of it is evident as well.

Enough blabbering from me check out these blogs to see what I am talking about:
Raising Colorado
Mrs. Priss

Sunday, July 24, 2011

under pressure (this was sung aloud like five times, then watched on youtube and sung some more)

Since K wrote an official about me post, I now feel like I should put something here or something like that. Here is some word vomit about me. Enjoy! Also, I stole her format, because I am lazy. Owning it.

Name: Jessica, Jess, JG, Bunny, BEST BFF EVER, and that crazy cat lady.

Facts: old soul, in love with the idea of love, hopeless idealist, day dream believer & former homecoming queen. Kidding about the former homecoming queen bit, but wanted to slip in a Monkee's reference.

i'm also part mermaid.
Age: 25 Birthday: September 18 Sign: Virgo

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Currently located in: Dayton, Ohio

Pet: Monster, who is a almost two year old rescue. He's just about the sweetest kitty ever. He also likes to sit in silly ways.
Your place or mine?
Significant other: FOREVER ALONE. SINGLE. CAT LADY. etc etc

Occupation: Full Time Student, Part time Blogger & Internet-er.

Goals: This is one that is hard for me as my life as of right now is in a giant flux. I am right on the edge of being able to transfer out of Community College and into a University and I am trying to decide what I want to major in/do with my life as full time internet-er has yet to turn up a job listing. Personally, I want to pursue my art more. After a fairly devastating break-up about a year (and some) ago, I felt like I lost my creativity and it's slowly coming back and i'm feelin' it. Travel more, be angry less, and figure out what I want to do with my life. Small stuff.

All the things:
I like: country music, Britney Spears, secrets, sweet tea, being barefoot, cheese, the smell just after it rains, heavy blankets even in the Summer, skinny dipping, the fair, trashy romance novels, celeb autobiographies, gardening, cake decorating, being creative, positive people, gingers, road trips and perfect playlists.

I dislike: being negative, being the third wheel, dishes, my stupid phone, saying goodbye, gross beer, spaghetti, my car not having air conditioning, and people that shall not be named just in case they read this.

I like REALLY bad t.v. if it's terrible, I probably watch it. I love watching The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday (all versions) whenever I'm sick. I also have a soft spot for musicals, my favorite is My Fair Lady.

I have a tattoo, and am getting my second one (which will be a BFF one with K) sometime in the fall.

I'm tall, 5'10 tall. I'm the baby of five and the only girl. I don't have much of a temper but I have a sassy/smart mouth and tend to run it when I should keep it shut.

I also hate writing about myself.


I'm boring.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Since J and I have been blogging for almost two months now, I figured it was time you knew some things about us. So, here I am. Fair warning: I am so worst boring.

Name: Krystal, KP, Supreme Leader of the World

Facts: Unabashed elitist; Complacent existentialist; Young-Money Democrat; Cynical and Disillusioned sort-of-Adult

Age: 24 Birthday: August 28 Sign: Virgo

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Kimbodog - age 2, Border Collie/Retriever mix, greatest dog in the whole world
Muffins - aka lion kitty, age 3, maine coon/tabby mix, destroyer of lives
Pojeecat - aka "special" kitty, tuxedo cat, age 3, may or may not be "differently-abled"

Michael Jackson - aka king of pop, mj, little michael, liz taylor's bff, age 2, should've been named Garfield

Significant Other:
Mr. B; 5 years strong - Anniversary April 14

Occupation: Paralegal; Student

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Social Behavior and Criminology, Law & Society from University of California, Irvine (2009)

Currently attending Coastline Community College to obtain a Paralegal Certificate (and more $$$)

Attending California State University, Long Beach (Go Beach!) beginning in Fall 2011 to obtain Single Subject Teaching Credential in English. Additionally, plan on acquiring a second credential to teach Psychology and/or History at the high school level.

  • To teach middle school language arts or high school English while working part-time as a freelance or temporary paralegal in the summers.
  • Pursue amateur photography of people, places, pets and things (and other nouns). Photography is a passion and deeply ingrained in my family's history, and I would love to study it further for personal enjoyment.
  • Travel to some place new every year for the rest of my years.
  • To become Master and Commander of my own Kitty Army.
  • To read all the classics, ever.
All the things:

I like: soda, steak, and potatoes (inevitably results in my being a lard-butt).
I dislike: exercise that is not directly related to a game or competition of sorts (again, lard-butt).

I was born in Whittier, CA but moved to Orange County when I was 3 and my parents divorced.

I have a physical aversion to rule/law-breaking. Thinking about it makes me ill. I once wanted to be a cop or federal agent...I even considered working for the IRS (gross!).

Favorite Author is Mark Twain (essays/shorts are even better than the novels). Favorite poet is E.E. Cummings.

Lover of Greek mythology. Once played Cassandra in a school play.

My eyes are a greenish blueish grayish stormy mess and have the awe-inspiring power to crush hopes and dreams with a single squinty glare.

I wish I was a rapper. I think the lyrical prowess of some past and present rappers rivals the poetry and prose of many acclaimed writers--however, I am not above listening to gangsta rap and particularly enjoy songs about strippers and money. The ability to set words to music, however, evades me (unless I have something to go on...I'm like Weird-Al).

I also love country, pop (BSPEARS!!) and dubstep.

I have no imagination. If you ask me to create an idea, story, etc. from scratch, I can't. When I was little, I remember coloring the things in coloring books realistic colors. I once cried because I couldn't find the right skin color to match Sleeping Beauty in my Disney Princess coloring book. Fortunately, this keeps me honest. Unfortunately, this makes me a terrible liar.

I love May-December relationships, believe age ain't nothin' but a number, and cried inside when Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon broke up.

I have 3 tattoos - only one is always visible - and would love to get more. I have reserved a special place in Hell for people who judge others just because they have tattoos. I am neither a convict, drug-addict, nor drop-out, thank you very much - and none of my friends who have tattoos are either.

I like ABC Family, made a point to watch Cyberbully, and cry at night because I miss The O.C.

I like video games and my bf and I own a million games and gaming systems. I like to play wii games with J via my beloved internet. The internet brings people together.

I am in love with Master Chief. And I'm a professional at Galaga.

I am a big fan of Lisa Frank-inspired colors:

I like: smart people, witty people, funny people, blondes (narcissism...whatevs!) and Jews (represent!).

I don't like: liars, half-assers, rude people, smelly people, and people intolerant of other races/creeds/sexual-orientations/gender-identities/etc. (and don't tell me being smelly is part of your religion).


I love the internet:

I'm not very interesting, but very opinionated. And, duh, I like to talk about myself.

If you don't ask, I won't tell so ask away.


Heat Wave

It's currently 93, which is fairly reasonable for summer, however the feels like temp is 109. Gross.
That brings me into this edition things I love, July Heat Wave Hell edition:

1. Popsicles.
green & blue ftw
I have been buying the giant box of popsicles. I must admit that I have been eating them CONSTANTLY. I even ate one in the car, while driving since I have no A.C. currently. Didn't think about the fact that they stain teeth/tongue. Local grocery store probably now thinks of me as crazy blue mouth lady. C'est la vie.

2. Taylor aka MajorStranger's blog
I didn't feel comfortable putting one of her pictures up,
so here is Buffy as a reasonable substitute.
Taylor is the one that inspired me to make a public blog, which I then brought to Krystal, and well here we are, reading said blog. In a nutshell, she's got some serious witty humor, big (gorgeous) hair, and a way about her that just makes you want to be her new b.f.f.. She likes all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cats, Food and Poop. What more could you want from a blog?! Seriously.

3. Burn Notice
I will be honest. I watched all four whole seasons in two weeks (they are short). The writing is fantastic, there is tension, drama, wit and major sex appeal. It's fantastic. Give it a shot, it wont disappoint.

4. Ribs
mmm, meat.
I am late to the rib train. To be honest, the thought grossed me out (even though most other meat is fine?). However when I was at the store the other day, being blue mouth lady, I found them on sale for 6$ for two boneless racks. I figured now is the time to try it, when it's cheap so I won't feel guilty if I hate them. After putting it off for two days and then realizing I would feel guilty if the meat went bad (starving children and all that) I threw some of that glorious sesame ginger dressing on it and let them marinate for an hour, then threw them on the grill on fairly low heat for an hour after reading a few how-to's. My mind was blown. They were tender and flavorful and best of all didn't heat up my entire house, which is important in the hellish heat wave of 2011.

5. Tie between the Air Conditioner/Pool
Note: not my pool. just in case there was a question about it.
I'm sure everyone saw this one coming. Without these two items, I am pretty sure I would just be a puddle in a corner, not even. I would have evaporated into the heat hell. Never to be heard from again. Not that I am dramatic, but that is literally how I feel whenever I have to get into my car. No joke, my steering wheel gave me a blister from the heat. It's a death trap.

Is it Fall yet?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Everyone does it! (don't they?)

You know that feeling you get when you know you have to let something out, but you're not quite sure just what is going to come out?

A friend of mine just told me about her irrational fear of sharting, and I had a flashback to that fateful day in 1991.

I remember I was wearing overalls and a floral t-shirt. I think it had those awful worst ruffles on the sleeves. It was some time in the afternoon, I'd been in after-school day care for a while, but it was nearing pickup time. A bunch of us were hanging out, being monkey children.

I was waiting patiently in line for the big metal slide. Standing at the bottom of the slide, one person back from the stairs, I started to get this uneasy feeling in my stomach.

It started to kinda bubble. I felt some pressure. I knew something had to be done - I just wasn't ready for how much.

There was a gasp! I stood there, frozen - eyes darting this way and that scanning for anyone who may have an inkling as to what had just occurred. Everyone appeared occupied, but then reality sank in and I screamed - a high pitched, yet muffled scream.

I quickly weighed the options - pretend everything is fine, climb the steps and slide down the slide and try to hide squishy pants? or run to the restroom and run the risk of being found out?

5 year old me was pretty rational and opted for the latter. I started to run toward the potty but then fear of being found out overtook me and I slowed to a brisk walk.

Whatever you think sharting feels like, it does. warm. squishy. gross.

Sitting in the handicapped stall, the floodgates opened. I cried violently and silently for a good 3 minutes. After that I remember panic. Lots of it.

I could sit here until a teacher came in looking for me- avoiding the issue of having to walk out there and tell someone.

I could try to tell someone who comes into the restroom, maybe ask them to get a teacher - but 5-year-old-me didn't really know anyone well enough - I was new to the area and don't remember having any real friends.

Or I could man-up. 5-year-old-me was resourceful and proud. And not afraid to fly free.


I went commando for the rest of the day, went home, and never spoke a word of this to anyone again. Until now. On the internet. Where it will remain forever.

Don't tell anyone, ok?


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

O, Blogger, Where Art Thou?

It's very difficult to muster-up the energy to be creative and blog, when summer is out in full force.

Where have I been?

Well, here's your answer:

(Go Angels!)

(Happy Birthday, America!)

and then - my significant other purchased a new toy for me:

(the greatest camera you will ever need)

This camera has been my life since the end of June. I've started a tumblr and have been posting my the pictures from my new camera there, and neglected the traditional blogosphere.

For that, I apologize.

In addition, my current schedule looks like this:


I also have an ear infection (thank you backyard cesspool). This pool was both simultaneously the greatest and worst idea my best friend and I have ever had. Because she doesn't have a real pool in her backyard, and because I live in a crummy apartment complex, we decided to have a Bring-Your-Own-Pool-Party over the 4th of July weekend. Great Success! (kinda). The pool was super fun, and combined with water balloon fights and super soakers, it turned out to be a great party. The ear infection that resulted, however, has left me in pain for the past 8 days. I've gone to the doctor, used the drops, and done all the things the doctor's told me to do; my ear is still not getting better.

On top of all of this, I've started playing with a co-ed softball team on Tuesday nights! We're called pitch slap! :D

We've had 3 games so far, and are 1-2 :( (we should've been 2-1, but the second game was lost due to stupid lineup "errors" on the other team's part that we didn't catch until it was too late and the stupid rules prevented us from getting any relief). Last night's game was just awful and we were be fair, the team we played last night looked like they were fresh off their college softball/baseball teams. So, I'm not too cut-up about it.

I can't wait until things calm down, I'm almost done with school for the summer and will have a glorious three-whole-weeks off until I go back to a crazy-go-nuts schedule (you don't even want to KNOW what it will look like...and I don't want to remind myself by posting it here). The next few weekends should be less busy than prior weekends, and hopefully I will have time to sit around and contemplate the facts of life, and perhaps get back to blogging!

I'm really having a busy jam-packed exhausting crazy terrific summer, and I hope everyone else is, too!