Wednesday, July 13, 2011

O, Blogger, Where Art Thou?

It's very difficult to muster-up the energy to be creative and blog, when summer is out in full force.

Where have I been?

Well, here's your answer:

(Go Angels!)

(Happy Birthday, America!)

and then - my significant other purchased a new toy for me:

(the greatest camera you will ever need)

This camera has been my life since the end of June. I've started a tumblr and have been posting my the pictures from my new camera there, and neglected the traditional blogosphere.

For that, I apologize.

In addition, my current schedule looks like this:


I also have an ear infection (thank you backyard cesspool). This pool was both simultaneously the greatest and worst idea my best friend and I have ever had. Because she doesn't have a real pool in her backyard, and because I live in a crummy apartment complex, we decided to have a Bring-Your-Own-Pool-Party over the 4th of July weekend. Great Success! (kinda). The pool was super fun, and combined with water balloon fights and super soakers, it turned out to be a great party. The ear infection that resulted, however, has left me in pain for the past 8 days. I've gone to the doctor, used the drops, and done all the things the doctor's told me to do; my ear is still not getting better.

On top of all of this, I've started playing with a co-ed softball team on Tuesday nights! We're called pitch slap! :D

We've had 3 games so far, and are 1-2 :( (we should've been 2-1, but the second game was lost due to stupid lineup "errors" on the other team's part that we didn't catch until it was too late and the stupid rules prevented us from getting any relief). Last night's game was just awful and we were be fair, the team we played last night looked like they were fresh off their college softball/baseball teams. So, I'm not too cut-up about it.

I can't wait until things calm down, I'm almost done with school for the summer and will have a glorious three-whole-weeks off until I go back to a crazy-go-nuts schedule (you don't even want to KNOW what it will look like...and I don't want to remind myself by posting it here). The next few weekends should be less busy than prior weekends, and hopefully I will have time to sit around and contemplate the facts of life, and perhaps get back to blogging!

I'm really having a busy jam-packed exhausting crazy terrific summer, and I hope everyone else is, too!


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