Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Since J and I have been blogging for almost two months now, I figured it was time you knew some things about us. So, here I am. Fair warning: I am so worst boring.

Name: Krystal, KP, Supreme Leader of the World

Facts: Unabashed elitist; Complacent existentialist; Young-Money Democrat; Cynical and Disillusioned sort-of-Adult

Age: 24 Birthday: August 28 Sign: Virgo

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Kimbodog - age 2, Border Collie/Retriever mix, greatest dog in the whole world
Muffins - aka lion kitty, age 3, maine coon/tabby mix, destroyer of lives
Pojeecat - aka "special" kitty, tuxedo cat, age 3, may or may not be "differently-abled"

Michael Jackson - aka king of pop, mj, little michael, liz taylor's bff, age 2, should've been named Garfield

Significant Other:
Mr. B; 5 years strong - Anniversary April 14

Occupation: Paralegal; Student

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Social Behavior and Criminology, Law & Society from University of California, Irvine (2009)

Currently attending Coastline Community College to obtain a Paralegal Certificate (and more $$$)

Attending California State University, Long Beach (Go Beach!) beginning in Fall 2011 to obtain Single Subject Teaching Credential in English. Additionally, plan on acquiring a second credential to teach Psychology and/or History at the high school level.

  • To teach middle school language arts or high school English while working part-time as a freelance or temporary paralegal in the summers.
  • Pursue amateur photography of people, places, pets and things (and other nouns). Photography is a passion and deeply ingrained in my family's history, and I would love to study it further for personal enjoyment.
  • Travel to some place new every year for the rest of my years.
  • To become Master and Commander of my own Kitty Army.
  • To read all the classics, ever.
All the things:

I like: soda, steak, and potatoes (inevitably results in my being a lard-butt).
I dislike: exercise that is not directly related to a game or competition of sorts (again, lard-butt).

I was born in Whittier, CA but moved to Orange County when I was 3 and my parents divorced.

I have a physical aversion to rule/law-breaking. Thinking about it makes me ill. I once wanted to be a cop or federal agent...I even considered working for the IRS (gross!).

Favorite Author is Mark Twain (essays/shorts are even better than the novels). Favorite poet is E.E. Cummings.

Lover of Greek mythology. Once played Cassandra in a school play.

My eyes are a greenish blueish grayish stormy mess and have the awe-inspiring power to crush hopes and dreams with a single squinty glare.

I wish I was a rapper. I think the lyrical prowess of some past and present rappers rivals the poetry and prose of many acclaimed writers--however, I am not above listening to gangsta rap and particularly enjoy songs about strippers and money. The ability to set words to music, however, evades me (unless I have something to go on...I'm like Weird-Al).

I also love country, pop (BSPEARS!!) and dubstep.

I have no imagination. If you ask me to create an idea, story, etc. from scratch, I can't. When I was little, I remember coloring the things in coloring books realistic colors. I once cried because I couldn't find the right skin color to match Sleeping Beauty in my Disney Princess coloring book. Fortunately, this keeps me honest. Unfortunately, this makes me a terrible liar.

I love May-December relationships, believe age ain't nothin' but a number, and cried inside when Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon broke up.

I have 3 tattoos - only one is always visible - and would love to get more. I have reserved a special place in Hell for people who judge others just because they have tattoos. I am neither a convict, drug-addict, nor drop-out, thank you very much - and none of my friends who have tattoos are either.

I like ABC Family, made a point to watch Cyberbully, and cry at night because I miss The O.C.

I like video games and my bf and I own a million games and gaming systems. I like to play wii games with J via my beloved internet. The internet brings people together.

I am in love with Master Chief. And I'm a professional at Galaga.

I am a big fan of Lisa Frank-inspired colors:

I like: smart people, witty people, funny people, blondes (narcissism...whatevs!) and Jews (represent!).

I don't like: liars, half-assers, rude people, smelly people, and people intolerant of other races/creeds/sexual-orientations/gender-identities/etc. (and don't tell me being smelly is part of your religion).


I love the internet:

I'm not very interesting, but very opinionated. And, duh, I like to talk about myself.

If you don't ask, I won't tell so ask away.


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