Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave

It's currently 93, which is fairly reasonable for summer, however the feels like temp is 109. Gross.
That brings me into this edition things I love, July Heat Wave Hell edition:

1. Popsicles.
green & blue ftw
I have been buying the giant box of popsicles. I must admit that I have been eating them CONSTANTLY. I even ate one in the car, while driving since I have no A.C. currently. Didn't think about the fact that they stain teeth/tongue. Local grocery store probably now thinks of me as crazy blue mouth lady. C'est la vie.

2. Taylor aka MajorStranger's blog
I didn't feel comfortable putting one of her pictures up,
so here is Buffy as a reasonable substitute.
Taylor is the one that inspired me to make a public blog, which I then brought to Krystal, and well here we are, reading said blog. In a nutshell, she's got some serious witty humor, big (gorgeous) hair, and a way about her that just makes you want to be her new b.f.f.. She likes all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cats, Food and Poop. What more could you want from a blog?! Seriously.

3. Burn Notice
I will be honest. I watched all four whole seasons in two weeks (they are short). The writing is fantastic, there is tension, drama, wit and major sex appeal. It's fantastic. Give it a shot, it wont disappoint.

4. Ribs
mmm, meat.
I am late to the rib train. To be honest, the thought grossed me out (even though most other meat is fine?). However when I was at the store the other day, being blue mouth lady, I found them on sale for 6$ for two boneless racks. I figured now is the time to try it, when it's cheap so I won't feel guilty if I hate them. After putting it off for two days and then realizing I would feel guilty if the meat went bad (starving children and all that) I threw some of that glorious sesame ginger dressing on it and let them marinate for an hour, then threw them on the grill on fairly low heat for an hour after reading a few how-to's. My mind was blown. They were tender and flavorful and best of all didn't heat up my entire house, which is important in the hellish heat wave of 2011.

5. Tie between the Air Conditioner/Pool
Note: not my pool. just in case there was a question about it.
I'm sure everyone saw this one coming. Without these two items, I am pretty sure I would just be a puddle in a corner, not even. I would have evaporated into the heat hell. Never to be heard from again. Not that I am dramatic, but that is literally how I feel whenever I have to get into my car. No joke, my steering wheel gave me a blister from the heat. It's a death trap.

Is it Fall yet?

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