Sunday, July 24, 2011

under pressure (this was sung aloud like five times, then watched on youtube and sung some more)

Since K wrote an official about me post, I now feel like I should put something here or something like that. Here is some word vomit about me. Enjoy! Also, I stole her format, because I am lazy. Owning it.

Name: Jessica, Jess, JG, Bunny, BEST BFF EVER, and that crazy cat lady.

Facts: old soul, in love with the idea of love, hopeless idealist, day dream believer & former homecoming queen. Kidding about the former homecoming queen bit, but wanted to slip in a Monkee's reference.

i'm also part mermaid.
Age: 25 Birthday: September 18 Sign: Virgo

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Currently located in: Dayton, Ohio

Pet: Monster, who is a almost two year old rescue. He's just about the sweetest kitty ever. He also likes to sit in silly ways.
Your place or mine?
Significant other: FOREVER ALONE. SINGLE. CAT LADY. etc etc

Occupation: Full Time Student, Part time Blogger & Internet-er.

Goals: This is one that is hard for me as my life as of right now is in a giant flux. I am right on the edge of being able to transfer out of Community College and into a University and I am trying to decide what I want to major in/do with my life as full time internet-er has yet to turn up a job listing. Personally, I want to pursue my art more. After a fairly devastating break-up about a year (and some) ago, I felt like I lost my creativity and it's slowly coming back and i'm feelin' it. Travel more, be angry less, and figure out what I want to do with my life. Small stuff.

All the things:
I like: country music, Britney Spears, secrets, sweet tea, being barefoot, cheese, the smell just after it rains, heavy blankets even in the Summer, skinny dipping, the fair, trashy romance novels, celeb autobiographies, gardening, cake decorating, being creative, positive people, gingers, road trips and perfect playlists.

I dislike: being negative, being the third wheel, dishes, my stupid phone, saying goodbye, gross beer, spaghetti, my car not having air conditioning, and people that shall not be named just in case they read this.

I like REALLY bad t.v. if it's terrible, I probably watch it. I love watching The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday (all versions) whenever I'm sick. I also have a soft spot for musicals, my favorite is My Fair Lady.

I have a tattoo, and am getting my second one (which will be a BFF one with K) sometime in the fall.

I'm tall, 5'10 tall. I'm the baby of five and the only girl. I don't have much of a temper but I have a sassy/smart mouth and tend to run it when I should keep it shut.

I also hate writing about myself.


I'm boring.

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