Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confessions on the Blogfloor

I seem to use this blog to confess to things I like, and to profess my undying love for sesame ginger everything. Add this post to that pile.

Lately I have been reading more blogs, partially looking for inspiration, or recipes but I have a major confession. I love mom bloggers. Yup. I'm owning it. It's different when it's that annoying girl from high school that constantly is posting about braydin's (uni-sex, special snowflake spelling) latest poop for the ten zillionth time, at least the ones I have been reading are.

I think a large reason I find it so fascinating is it's the polar opposite of my forever alone, in college still, can barely remember to feed myself life. However, when I was younger that is where I thought I would be at this point. Married with children, or at the least in a committed relationship, with kids. The kid thing was always the constant factor in the scenario. I have been dealing with health issues that could prevent me from biologically having children, and has caused me to further think about adoption.

I think the "funny" thing to me is that when I was younger (22) I had just left a volatile job as a live in nanny and swore up and down that I never wanted children. I think I have now realized that it's the situation I was in (living with a controlling asshole, and a drunk) that I never wanted to experience again. Reading these blogs is almost like a glimpse into the could have been/might be one day. All are real in the tribulations of day to day life, but the joy side of it is evident as well.

Enough blabbering from me check out these blogs to see what I am talking about:
Raising Colorado
Mrs. Priss


  1. Bless you for bringing these blogs into my life. We should just adopt some qt azn bbs and blog about them.

  2. Let's just get one and split custody, I don't think I am ready for a full time commitment yet.